Welcome to Purchase Friends Meeting

All are invited to join us for worship at 10:30 on Sunday morning. Both in-person and remote worship is available. Please come in quietly and sit wherever you like. Join us afterward for our coffee hour, where friends can eat, chat, and strengthen our connections over breakfast.

All share responsibility for the ministry of silence. Do not be overly concerned with distracting thoughts; they happen to all of us. Gently put them aside as you approach your still center, and try to be quiet in body, mind, and soul.

Our worship time together is in the traditional, unprogrammed manner of Friends (Quakers). Silently “waiting upon the Holy Spirit,” we gather with open hearts and expectant minds. Quakerism is a group of insights, attitudes, and practices that form a way of life, rather than a creed. It rests on a conviction that we can have direct communion with God by searching our inmost hearts.